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On Air
Aaron & Dan
Show Clips
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Welcome to Aaron. He’s “special”!
The first of our week of shows and we welcome Mr Aaron Beadle back to TCR fm.
MP3 format. Duration: 25s. Total size 396 KB

“It’s a great one”
But will it continue like this? Don’t be sarcastic!
MP3 format. Duration: 11s. Total size 1.90 MB

The inner workings of the duo
Director Aaron Beadle, Button Pusher Daniel Hoult
MP3 format. Duration: 9s. Total size 240 KB

Hey Mr DJ
DJ or presenter? Or just plain fool?
MP3 format. Duration: 15s. Total size 352 KB.

Mr Producer Man
It isn’t just thrown together, Aaron directs every move!
MP3 format. Duration: 10s. Total size 124 KB

Az is weird
He does his 6 backwards, that’s just not normal!
MP3 format. Duration: 19s. Total size 3.30 MB

Trigger happy
A slight mishap, keen to carry on but Aaron wasn’t!
MP3 format. Duration: 19s. Total size 456 KB

Challenge Aaron
Can he read the contact details without taking a breath?!
MP3 format. Duration 1:28. Total size 2.10 MB

Glasses... How do you wear yours?
The problems of spectacles and headphones.
MP3 format. Duration: 54s. Total size 1.20 MB

Geeks Corner
Gadget-loving geeks only please. “Oh yes”
MP3 format. Duration: 15s. Total size 352 KB

Az is bald?
The camera shows all!
MP3 format. Duration: 34s. Total size 776 KB

At work (not like us)
This isn’t work, and someone’s forgotten his glasses!
MP3 format. Duration: 46s. Total size 1.10 MB

Rubber sandwich?
Az, what are you on about...? A cheesey opportunity!
MP3 format. Duration: 24s. Total size 580 KB
Summer 2007

Photo Album


We have built  a Flickr photo album up as we go through the shows, so see all the photos online here.


There are photos of Aaron and Dan at the studio, going to the studio and preparing things (like chocolate!) for the studio.

Aaron and Dan broadcast on Tamworth’s TCR fm in August 2007. It was the station’s second broadcast.
Here are the features from the Aaron and Dan weekday morning shows. More on the station here.

TCR fm Finale Video


Video of the last night of the Summer broadcast also edited by Aaron.


Play the video to the right.


Click www.tcrfm.co.uk and follow the links from there to see the whole team in the finale show video and photo albums.


Videos © Copyright Aaron Beadle 2007

Muddled Music is a simple competition that tests your music knowledge. Each day we play a muddled up track about 5 seconds long. To win we need an artist and song title.

For the winners, there are a variety of prizes up for grabs depending on the day - you have to play to be in with a chance!

Audio example of the competition to come.
We like things nice and simple, so Aaron reads a quote and you guess what film it comes from. There are clues along the way and we even play the clip if its all too difficult to guess.

Show Features
Each show there is a new impossible question, but is it impossible?

Each question has an answer but we hear suggestions from you. You can read all the questions from August 2007 below. There is one question per show, and we'll give the answer and names of those getting it right at the end of each show.

Audio example of the IQ to come.
Impossible Questions

Here are the impossible questions from our series of shows. More to come next time!


Sunday 26th August - “½ of us admit talking to this at least once, usually in a raised voice. What is it?”

The answer was cash machine


Monday 27th August - “Over 1/3 of men would rather do this over the holidays than shop?”

The answer was bake or cook


Tuesday 28th August - “90% of women would stay with you if this happened, but only 59% of guys would. What is it?”

The answer was winning the lottery


Wednesday 29th August - “Almost half of parents agree that this is their least favourite thing about their child’s school. What is it?

The answer was school fundraising or fete


Thursday 30th August - “When it comes to shopping for this, most women love to do so, but most men say it’s their least favourite thing to shop for. What is it?

The answer was shopping for furniture


Friday 31st August -  “53% of men and 27% of women say that this makes flying on an aeroplane more interesting.

What a is it?”

The answer was sitting next to someone attractive

Aaron & Dan Series 7

Behind-the-scenes Video


15 minute video of on air and behind-the-scenes moments.


Play the video to the right.


Or download the MOV here (22.50 MB so broadband is recommended). Quick Time is needed to view the downloaded movie, get it here.

TCR fm is a radio station run by young people for young people in Tamworth, Staffordshire - every volunteer gets “total choice” of what goes on air.. This broadcast was during the second Restricted Service Licence on 106.9 fm