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Aaron & Dan

Photo Album of Series 5 (Summer 2005)


Aaron joined Dan for 2 weeks on a brand new radio station for Tamworth, 106.9 TCR fm. The fortnight began on Monday 15th August 2005.


Most photos are at the TCR fm studios but there are others from the 2 week visit. Chris Moses also makes an appearance.


View the photos HERE

Series 5 (Summer 2005)


From 15th August to 26th August 2005.


This video includes off air and on air moments from the 2 weeks of TCR fm shows. As well as Aaron and Dan, the video features a guest appearance of Chris Moses.


Running time: 15 mins 19 secs


Play the video to the right


Or DOWNLOAD (16.7MB wmv)

Show Clips
Here you can find one or two odd clips from the shows... they're very odd indeed! They’re provided here in case you missed your chance to have another laugh at Az and Dan.
Show Features
Muddled Music
Muddled Music is a simple competition that tests your music knowledge. Each day we play a muddled up track about 5-10 seconds long, and to win, you just have to tell us what the song is. We need an artist and song title to make a correct entry. Send your guesses when we're on air and we'll read the wrong ones out. For the winners, there are a variety of prizes up for grabs depending on the day - you have to play to be in with a chance!
Guess the Ohh Ahh Oooh
This competition has a bit of a history to it and it involves Aaron singing (almost) so be warned! It's very simple just so long as you know the answer. Can you tell where the vocal came from? You have to know your music for this! Let us know what you think the answer is.

Hear an example of the Ohh Ahh Oooh (note Dan’s timing). (MP3 file 1.43 MB)
Impossible Question
Each show there will be a new Impossible Question, but is it impossible? Send your answers and listen in on 106.9 to TCR fm and we'll reveal incorrect guesses as we get them. One question per show, and we'll give the answer and names of those getting it right at the end of each show.

Hear an example of the Impossible Question. (MP3 file, 1.49 MB)

Malteasers - How are they made?

Montage of clips from Wednesday 17th August 2005.

MP3 format Duration: 7:50.


Dan is full of....

Az watches his words while talking diets with Dan.

MP3 format Duration: 54 seconds.


Impossible Question reveal with Natalie

On average women own 7 of these? Listen to the clip to find out what the answer is and if fellow presenter Natalie agrees.

MP3 format Duration 2:50.


Az’s Insults

Exactly what it says in the title, eh Dan!

MP3 format Duration: 31 seconds.


Guess the Ohh Ahh Oooh

A very difficult example of the daily competition. Note Dan’s timing on the buttons, sorry Az!

MP3 format Duration 1:46.


Competition Confusion

What happens when Dan gets over excited?
MP3 format Duration: 57 seconds.



Dan was reading out a brainteaser which had the word "bulbs" in, a lot....!

MP3 format Duration: 8 seconds.


Az and Dan say goodbye

Ending the last morning show on Friday 26th August 2005 to applause from the studio team.

MP3 format Duration:35 seconds.

Summer 2005

Aaron and Dan broadcast on TCR fm’s first transmission from

15th August to 26th August 2005.

TCR fm is a radio station run by young people for young people in Tamworth, Staffordshire - every volunteer gets “total choice” of what goes on air.. This broadcast was during the first ever Restricted Service Licence on 106.9 fm