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Aaron & Dan
Bringing Music To Life...
Show Features
The Music
Just remember that Az and Dan equals more variety! Az is into his dance music, and pop remixes and Dan is into slightly calmer pop and rock. That means we try to play dance, pop and rock, both old and new. Don't forget that you can get in touch with us and request a song or dedication.
Muddled Music
Muddled Music is a simple competition that tests your music knowledge. Each day we play a muddled up track about 5-10 seconds long, and to win, you just have to tell us what the song is. We need an artist and song title to make a correct entry. Send your guesses when we're on air and we'll read the wrong ones out. For the winners, there are a variety of prizes up for grabs depending on the day - you have to play to be in with a chance!
Impossible Question
Each show there will be a new Impossible Question, but is it impossible? Send your answers and listen in on 106.9 to TCR fm and we'll reveal incorrect guesses as we get them. One question per show, and we'll give the answer and names of those getting it right at the end of each show.

Hear an example of the Impossible Question. (MP3 file, 1.49 MB)
Reach is a brand new type of radio station for Chelmsford, created and led by Aaron himself. Reach is youth community radio for anyone who wants to get involved. Guess what? Dan is one of them... and what’s 147 miles between friends?!
Show Clips
Here are some of the “best bits” for want of a better phrase!

The First Impossible Question

The answer is revealed amongst lots of chatter about random fruit smoothies!

MP3 format Duration: 1:52.


Where’d everybody go?
Aaron and Dan take to the air and the studio empties. Something we said?

MP3 format Duration: 19s.


Insulting Yourself

Dan is clueless, and Aaron just agrees.

It’s all about the insults!

MP3 format Duration: 15s.


An impossible Impossible Question?

The last one, and Dan is desperate for a listener to beat Aaron.

MP3 format Duration: 26s


Muddled Music - Spot on

Aaron does well, so well Dan has nothing to say (that doesn’t happen often!)

MP3 format Duration: 26s.


The Lego Interlude

We’re meant to be doing the Impossible Question but end up going back to childhood!

MP3 format Duration: 2:11


Dan gets excited by the weather

“Get this!!” Not the most professional weather forecast, but fun anyway.

MP3 format Duration: 48s.

Reach has now completed the first broadcast live across Chelmsford on 87.7 FM and the Aaron and Dan series has been and gone.

The first set of shows ran from the launch, Saturday 8th July to Thursday 13th. But then there was a little extra thrown in on Saturday 22nd as Dan was “just passing”!


See the photos below (they’ll mean more if you heard any of the shows too) and checkout some of the clips. We’d call them “the best bits” but that’s all a matter of opinion!

The ADOA Reach photo album is available at Flickr, here.


You’ll find random snaps and some webcam moments, if you’ve captured a bizarre webcam shot, please send it in!