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Muddled Music is a simple competition that tests your music knowledge. Each day we play a muddled up track about 3 seconds long. To win we need an artist and song title. It’s all wrapped up within an hour.
We like things nice and simple, so Aaron reads a quote and you guess what film it comes from. There are clues along the way and we even play the clip if its all too difficult to guess. We’ll wrap this one up in an hour.
Show Features
Each show there is a new impossible question, but is it impossible?

Each question has an answer but we hear suggestions from you. You can read all the questions below. There is one question per show, and we'll give the answer and names of those getting it right at the end of the show.
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24th May 2009

Special Show - Sunday 24th May 2009


During Reach OnAir’s birthday weekend on 23rd and 24th May Aaron and Dan had a one-off 3 hour show.

During the Aaron and Dan show on 24th May 2008 here are a pair of video tours from Aaron and Dan's perspective in Reach OnAir's main studio.


This is Dan’s view from the presenter’s chair.


Download the .MOV raw movie.

This is Aaron’s view from the co-presenter’s chair opposite.


Download the .MOV raw movie.