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On Air
Aaron & Dan
In the begining...
Aaron and Dan met on CMP Radio (v1) in November 2003. Since the beginning Dan has provided special news bulletins for Aaron on his flagship show, The UK's Official Top 20. As Dan lives in Staffordshire and Aaron in Essex this has always been down to the wonders of technology. This is why they just had to change things... Read about all of the shows below then check out the sections for each station from the menu above.

Series 1 (CMP Radio) August 2003
In August 2003 Aaron set out on his travels for Staffs and spent a week staying with Dan. (Just don't ask Aaron about the long distance train journey!) He arrived as a surprised on Dan's Friday evening show. Being Summer holiday time the series of morning shows each day went down well with competitions (complete with prizes) and endless banter. The week went by very quickly and then Aaron was on his travels back down south. The week was so good it wasn't long before there was another series on the way...
Series 2 (CMP Radio) New Year 2004
Aaron joined Dan again for a week to see out 2003 and welcome CMP a Happy New Year for 2004. There was a great week of special shows over the new year holidays with a 2 hour party over the important midnight on 31st December. As well as this and the weekly morning shows with favourties such as the Impossible Question, there was the Aaron and Dan New Year Marathon! On 1st January you were treated to a 4 hour spectacular including a look back at last year's music trends, last year's news archives and a look forward to the music for 2004. For photos and webcam captures, see the CMP Radio photos.
Series 3 (CMP Radio) March 2004
From Sunday 28th March 2004 was series 3... this time with a difference. The week began with Dan visiting Aaron in Chelmsford, Essex where he was made to feel at home presenting the Top 20 chart show together and a series of afternoon shows where Matt Tunstill joined in. (Brilliant chance for Aaron to show off his driving when they were still out in McDonalds 15 minutes to being on air!!) Mid-week it was all change and a joint train journey and 150 miles later, Aaron returned with Dan to Staffs. Studio 3 was the scene for the last part of the week as the joint shows continued, we even stumbled across Dan's co-presenter Jemma on Friday!

Series 4 (CMP Radio) July 2004
Series 4 ran from Monday 19th July until Saturday 24th July. Aaron spent the week north of Birmingham with Dan. There was a show at 11am each morning with the return of the impossible questions, and the brand new catchphrase competition (see Features page for more). The fun didn't stay in studio 3 though there were a couple of (rather wet) bike rides. Check out the photo gallery for the evidence!

Surprise Show October 2004 (CMP Radio)
Aaron Beadle and Daniel Hoult reunited in an unprepared spontaneous one-off exclusive event known as a 57 minute show!

On Sunday 10th October 2004 we briefly got together for one hour of insults and mayhem. As ever, 1 hour for us was very short but it was a nice surprise while Aaron was "just passing" 150 miles north of his home town! We enjoyed it and we hope you did too.
CMP Farewell Finale December 2004
Aaron and Dan on CMP Radio enjoyed 1 final hour at the 6 hour CMP Farewell Finale show on Wednesday 29th December 2004. Closing the station, as well as Aaron and Dan, were Directors Chris Moss and Dave Moses, Production Manager Ben Evans, Jemma Malpas (from 'Dan and Jemma') and Ali Moore (from CMP Rock).

The show included many 'normal' competitions as well as 2 challenges for the presenting team. The highlight has to have been The Az Doorstep Challenge - Aaron 'Az' Beadle surprised local residents asking for ingredients to make a sponge cake. Within an hour he'd begged for all the materials and then cooked the cake (and ate it!) live on air! 9/10 for the sponge!!
Series 5 (TCR fm) August 2005
TCR fm is a restricted service licence radio station broadcasting across Tamworth, in Staffordshire. The station is aimed at 12- 24 year olds and the whole team work voluntarily. The name stands for Total Choice Radio so that's just what TCR does - you ask for it, we play it! The music on air is anything from the 1990's to today's latest pre-releases across all genres to suit all tastes.

Aaron joined Dan for 2 of the 4 weeks on air for every weekday morning, 10am to 1pm on 106.9 fm across Tamworth. Explore this site to see the photo album, the video and hear some show clips.

Series 6 (Reach) July 2006
Reach 87.7fm launched on Saturday 8th July 2006 across Chelmsford. Aaron dreamt up the idea for Reach after TCR fm and wanted to put his plan into action across his home town in Essex. The first set of shows ran from the launch, Saturday 8th July to Thursday 13th. But then there was a little extra thrown in on Saturday 22nd as Dan was “just passing” 150 miles away from home!

Check out the Reach page for photos, clips and competitions.

Series 7 (TCR fm) August 2007
What more is there to say? TCR fm hit the airwaves of Tamworth once again on 4th August 2007. RSL 2 was bigger and better than before. Aaron and Dan were on from 26th to 31st August when the station switched off. This time Aaron stepped up his role to become show editor so that meant he did most of the prep and Dan did the button pressing to make it happen. Basically, it’s an excuse for Aaron to tell Dan what to do! See the TCR fm pages.

Special - Reach OnAir Launch
On 24th May 2008 at 12pm Aaron and Dan along with Chris Howarth, Bertie Stephens and Chris Moses got together at Reach Headquarters to launch the new Internet radio station Reach OnAir. The 3 hour launch show set the scene for the station with a difference - anyone can broadcast from their own home!

Series 8 (Reach OnAir) August 2008
The August bank holiday was their first appearance on Reach OnAir. The shows were Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August from the studios of TCR fm. Of course the video is on its way and this time it is high definition! Plus some show clips and photos of the series.
See more on the new Reach OnAir page.

Series 9 (Reach OnAir) New Year 2009
Just to cram one more show into 2008 Aaron and Dan present New Year’s Eve on Reach OnAir from 11pm on 31st December through to 1am New Year’s Day. Then 2 special shows on Friday 2nd January and Saturday 3rd January 2009.

Special - Reach OnAir’s First Birthday
On 23rd May 2009 Aaron, Dan and Chris Howarth of Reach OnAir celebrated the station’s first birthday and looked forward to big changes to come in a fortnight, which would be the big Reach Rebrand. If that wasn’t enough Aaron and Dan felt they had to do a 3 hour show on the birthday itself while they were at Reach’s main studio, on 24th May You can see a small trip round the studio with a Presenter’s Eye View from Dan and Aaron’s seats. See the show page here.

Series 10 - Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2009
Quite probably the last shows on Reach OnAir from the TCR fm studio in Tamworth (yes we’re confused too!). We made 2 short video tours of the TCR fm studio 1 on our show page.

Series 11 - Easter 2010
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th April 2010. Two special breakfast shows over the bank holiday Easter weekend. We have a new page for the 3 regular features.

New Year 2010 - 2011
Aaron and Dan celebrated the new year of 2011 live on air in a 3 hour show over midnight. Since then there are irregular shows on TCR fm weekend breakfast and management shows on Reach OnAir. Here’s to many more...
CMP Farewell Finale pictures.