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Aaron & Dan
Show Clips
Photo Album of Series 2  (New Year 2003-2004)
A week in Staffordshire to see in the New Year of 2004.
Includes just a few shots of the show live on CMP Radio over midnight on 31st December 2003.
View HERE.

Photo Album of Series 1 (Autumn 2003)
Unfortunately there is only one photo from the first week Aaron visited Dan. Enjoy the other photos here and don’t forget to browse the TCR photos too.
Photo Album of Series 3 (Easter 2004)
Series 3 ran from 28th March - 4th April 2004 split between Essex and Staffordshire.

View standard photos HERE and view webcam captures HERE.
Az and Dan first worked together on CMP Raido. Unfortunately CMP closed at the end of December 2004 but there were plenty of Az and Dan CMP shows.
Here’s some of the evidence - photos, videos and show  clips to download.
Photo Album of Series 4 (Summer 2004)
All in Staffordshire, from Monday 19th July to Saturday 24th July 2004.
There were shows at 11am each weekday morning plus Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening. On Friday Jem joined us both.

View standard photos and webcam captures together HERE.
Photos & Videos
How many fingers have you got?
Aaron and Dan have a discussion about who does the best chart show.
MP3 format Duration: 41 seconds.

Monday’s Highlights
Random fun starts at the beginning of the week. Listen for the surprise unplanned “quack”!
MP3 format Duration: 1:32.

The disaster that was a bike ride in the rain, and Az’s fear of wasps goes public.
MP3 format Duration: 1:28.

Friday with Jem
Az and Dan with co-presenter Jemma. Find out what Az finds on the Big Brother website!
MP3 format Duration: 1:46.

Series 4 ends with a CD giveaway
The last 2 links from series 4 as the Muddled Music winner is selected live.
MP3 format Duration: 2:30.

Video of Series 3 (Easter 2004)


This video includes those "off air" moments.

Running time: 18 mins 35 secs

Please note the video contains some mild language.


© Copyright Aaron Beadle 2004.


Click to play the video to the right.


Or download a copy here:


Low version here - 6.9 MB

High version here - 20.5 MB