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On Air
Aaron & Dan
Date of Birth: 24th September

Height: Quite a bit shorter than Dan

Favourite Film: Mrs Doubtfire

Favourite songs:  Dance! It’s got to be punchy and catchy but not repetitive. I also like the Scissor Sisters and I’ve got the album you know!

When did you first present a radio show and where was it?

I have always loved radio/music. I have tried to be a part of radio as much as I can. I first started playing with music, making demo tapes etc, it was one of these very demo tapes which led me to CMP radio. So I guess this is where I really started and this is where I met Dan!


From there on in it was downhill all the way! Only kidding! Dan and I got to know each other more and decided to meet and the Az & Dan show was born!


Why do you still do the joint shows with Dan, after CMP Radio?

We are the best, that's why!! *ahem* Now for the real reason! It's fun, it's a laugh and we don't just do shows you know, we are good friends to, yep we do have a life outside radio as well!


There is never a dull moment between us, always somthing to laugh at (or in my case, always something to insult Dan with!)


Anything we should know about Dan (that he won’t tell!)?

Hmmm. Well Dan does do some great mistakes in his news reading. He will never admit it. Sometimes he can be so proud of these mistakes that he keeps them and sends them to me in the evening!


I must say that these are funny, I could make a whole show on them... hmmm, I feel an idea coming on!

Aaron Beadle
Date of Birth: 4th December

Height: Too tall!

Favourite Film: The Day After Tomorrow (recently)

Favourite songs: I love Jennifer Paige’s Crush and I’m a big Texas fan. My ultimate fave song ever is Don’t Speak by No Doubt (1998)

When did you first present a radio show and where was it?

I first decided to see what I could do with a computer (and the Internet, but on dialup!) and I began broadcasting on the live365.com service. ‘Top Show Radio’ almost reached double figures for listeners, and wow, did I think that was good! (Sorry, the Top Show website no longer exists).


From there I joined CMP Radio, a first and still unique station where there was free software and free airtime to get on air, all setup by Chris Moses (technical) and Dave Moses (programming). Things went from good to better, I was promoted to station management (along with Aaron) and I headed the news team - also the first of it’s kind for an Internet radio station. After that, the rest is history as they say and you can see where I went next on this very website.


Why do you still do the joint shows with Aaron, after CMP Radio?

Good question... but easy answer because it’s always loads of fun! Even with hours of prep for material and song choices, then 3 hours on air and then back to more prep there is never a dull moment.


Obviously I love presenting, sharing music and generally talking to people but when I’m with Aaron it’s just like the 2 of us sitting round talking so it’s “easy peasey”! (We entertain each other as well as listeners, hopefully).


Anything we should know about Aaron (that he won’t tell!)?

I reckon there are 2 on air Aarons. There’s 1 that plays the fool on our joint shows and there’s 1 that does things professionally, like his favourite chart show presenting. When he does that, it’s 100% concentration and you should see the paperwork he makes in the studio for that.


Whenever I’ve read a news bulletin opposite him he’s well behaved and tries not to make me laugh when I come across a bit of a blooper. Don’t make fun of newsreaders I say. Thanks Az!

Daniel Hoult

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